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Very Welcome to my space to meet U. Share good things.

We can not reach results if we do not have a start, set a goal and have an action plan. In the digital world, it is a constant change, so it is important to understand that the entrepreneurial spirit of the future is built from below.

There is no time for hierarchies, long decision roads, sitting on top and thinking of others. Think new!

Happiness ? ! 

To achieve true Happiness we must thing 3

Everyone want to be Happy yet there are three important components to consider to achieve True Happiness;  Health  Harmony  Prosperity


When we light up conciousness and see clearly it is clear that without Health we are not Happy, often we simply forget the inner and spiritual part of Health. - Free from disorder! By using Light to purify the Spirit and Soul. Yes there are true technics at hand to mankind giving a solution for this matter.  Faith, Prayer, even energy that can help lit up Soul. 

Mental disorders are often attached to spirits, that is matter that can not be solved by medicin or similar. But there are various technics to use. One is kineosology. Go beyond the logic thinking and let your body answere. We use these methods in DeVi Coaching. 

Last but not least we have medicine or Natural Complements to nuture and help light up the physical body. 

Light is essential in times of Crisis. To wake up and understand that we are more than just flesh and bone is also crucial in this time where we are running fast in all kinds of direction. 

Spirit first, after Soul and body. That is my choice and understanding on this blog post for U this morning the 3rd of June 2018. Have a nice Bright day dear sister or brother!

Global Entrepeneurs

What does it mean press here

We are a group of entrepeneurs who are willing to walk the path that it take to open up the World to the change. 

Positive thinking, helping each other to grow. Understanding that only together can we achieve the big change and understanding that we need each other. 

Togheter Everyone Achiev More is the definition of TEAM that is indeed what we do in Social Economic Networkers Team 

What we have for free is the enormous teamwork of 600 000 entrepeneurs and also an operation system in this new technology that supports a network in 120 countries. 

Amazing times. I am happy to take part of this movement.

Hi very welcome again to my personal blog, for friends, members and colleages in doing the same as me looking for a brighter future by breaking all old paradigms to adapt to this new time and skills required for this time!

The book is about a Country like Sweden. Growing and expanding in technology but the consciousness is not growing at the same speed. This is an alarming situation. The time is speeding up and what will happen is up to U!

To start I would like to thank you for entering my blog; Thank you! The reason I started this blog is that there are too many questions and too little time to answer. I thought it could be good to talk about different topics in different areas. Below are me and my colleagues in Sweden who shares the same vision...

I am a Visionary Dreamer who finally reached my realm and realized that there were so many tops to reach. I will, therefore, share some tips with you that I use and used. I will share my most valuable stories on this blog with my hope that someone out there perhaps gets some shortcuts, inspiration and courage. Life is not...