WE are really ONE


How do we Unite

As I can see there is only one way, start the Journey to the top of the mountain

After my 4th Journey to the apostel Santiago Compostela in Galicia I realized this beautiful wisdom that on the bottom of the mountain we do live in a duality. Humans take part and seperate and discuss over right and wrong. When you go out walking for days on this Santiago Journey. You find past present and future in One. You pass a fantastic nature, all is just so beautiful. All people are helpful and so loving. You have a family around from all over the World. The experiences are many and wisdom and love come from all over. I was priviledged to finally understand that the distance between people. This enormous distance that had made me so worried before. It just have to be filled with Love, harmony and Godness. Even if we fight against it or don´t bother to get to know it, the higher wisdom is outthere waiting for us to Calm down. This experience made such an impact on me so I decided to talk about this matter here. We will furthermore organize Journeys with members in our community of people who want to Live the Positive and forget about the rest. We welcome you to come into our memberpages and learn more about our future travelling Press here