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Hola buenos amigos y conocidos, ahora ha pasado un tiempo desde la última vez. Mucho ha sucedido tanto en nuestras vidas como en la sociedad. Personalmente, me he visto afectado y mi padre fue una de las 4000 personas mayores que se infectaron con el virus Corona. Sin comentarios, todos entienden lo difícil que puede ser. Las posibilidades y...

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Hi nice friends and acquaintances, now it's been a while since last time. Much has happened both in our lives and in society. Personally, I have been affected and my father was one of the 4000 elderly people who got infected with the Corona virus. No comments, you all understand how difficult it can feel. The possibilities and seriousness of...

Hej fina vänner och bekanta, nu var det ett tag sen sist. Mycket har hänt både i våra liv och i samhället. Personligen har jag blivit drabbad och min far var en av de 4000 äldre som strök med i Corona viruset. Inga kommentarer, ni förstår alla hur svårt det kan kännas. Tidens möjligheter och allvar gör sig verkligen...

To start I would like to thank you for entering my blog; Thank you!  The reason I started this blog is that there are too many questions and too little time to answer. I thought it could be good to talk about different topics in different areas.  Below are me and my colleagues in Sweden who shares the same vision as me in terms of what is a Cool Good LifeStyle

One of the coolest things I do is living and marketing S.E.N LifeStyle.

If I told you that this gives me hope of achieving my Dreams. This is what makes me able to work in 120 different countries legalise. This is the operating system that helps me within 24 hours get paid no matter where I do my business.  On top of this I have fun, meet people, I learn, get closer to brothers and sisters in my S.E.N family.  At the moment I move mostly in Sweden, England and Spain but I look forward to opening up more and more countries. The products I market rise the immune system up to 437%, I see friends, families and colleagues get better and healthier.  That´s one of the reasons we are all happy. Another day I will talk more about it but if you want to see the operation system and know more about the products or perhaps enter or do some shopping you can do it from this like HERE