Books a way of communication



The book is about a Country like Sweden. Growing and expanding in technology but the consciousness is not growing at the same speed. This is an alarming situation. The time is speeding up and what will happen is up to U! 

Hi there, My name is Hannika and I have been active in various tasks during many years. Now is my moment to start up my blog and share my ideas and thoughts to U. It is worthless knowing things and keeping it for oneself. One of the things I kept in a drawer was my books. So let me tell you a little about the Book called E.N.D You can find the book here if you are interested.

Back in 1992, I met a friends friend Pelle Wedlund and apparently he had written a manuscript about a woman Hera who after 7 years in Tibet came back to her origen Sweden to give birth to her baby.

The story had been sent to Hollywood and they gave good value about the manuscripts action. What had happened was that the man couldn´t speak very well English so he had the manuscript being translated and after the script was sent again to Hollywood and now it had very bad values. So this was the story when I came in. I was given this manuscript to see if I could help him. After reading a couple of pages I threw it away. I was working as an English teacher by then and I thought to myself If I read more of that script I will damage my English language. Imagine then how bad the language was. So after some time I finally decided to meet Pelle. It was a very special man, way ahead of his time and he got me interested in giving the manuscript a second chance. So since I was studying Jung psychology at that time and this thought of archetypes had caught my interest so I decided to rewrite the story but with 7 different personalities. This is what finally happened. We worked on the original plan of the manuscript and step by step we added the different people in the book. Hera is an idealist and Buddhist who escaped from Sweden years earlier to end up meeting her husband a Tibetan monk.

It is a privilege to have been around this manuscript and seeing who almost all that we wrote about is coming closer. The manuscript was handed over to be sold on Amazone since 2018 as a book and perhaps one day it falls in the hand of someone able to do a film about it. Feel free to contact me if you have questions or so on. As I said you can read it for your self in English for a low budget cost./ Blessings for today my firt blog post in English Love and have a nice day! Hannika