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Hello and welcome!  I´m Hannika Maria Christina Oberg at your service. Thank you for visiting!

As a Social entrepreneur; My dream is to Make People feel Happier, more Secure and Live & Create their LifeStyle. As a mentor and coach I am here to serve u who contact me.

I Live with my Team of Eagles and show you smart solutions and really good opportunities both in terms of how to create motor for passive income as well of how to get more light in your inner life.  

Im Ambassador for ECredit and willing to help you understand this Cool Eko system that is rolling out just now. 

Perhaps you are already set for Taking your most Serious action and Jump on the fastest train I have seen for becoming economical independent. It´s posible, but totally understandable if you dont believe me. But if you feel in your heart that what I say is true, I want to give you a challenge.

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FUD = Fear Uncertainty & Doubt. // No Good!!

Crypto yes box! Fair, Unique, and not possible to currupt. 

Economy has basically five purpose. #1 Durability (we dont want our money to dissapear) #2 Portability (we want it to contain a value) #3 Divisibility #4 Uniformity and #5 Limited supply.
I love to help people understand these things so each and everyone can make wise choice for future. 

@ part of Business I am involved in voluntary work such as making this place a better Place. Im a founder of Bbeabridge (ONG, building bridges and focus youth). I believe it is important to help mankind. 

WE have together Built a plattform where we can benefit and Be a member: 

We also try to inspire more people to Walk with our Guide in Santiago. We believe in plattforms and meetingpoints for our members. Opportunities to take part in coarses and empowerment of thyself. Create benefits for members! 

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Perhaps the most important thing in Life is to get to know the man in the mirror. This is one of these opportunities to have a moment to Know Yourself.  Listen to OUR PODCAST HERE

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With an NonProfitable organisation working for more than 10 years in Sweden, we now take the step to building brotherhood and sisterhood, starting with Spain.

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Listen to what the New Generation think about three questions;#1 What do you think about the World? #2 What do you think about future? #3 What would you like to say to the leaders, politicians and rulers? Press HERE to listen to their answers

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