4th Revolution is here friends, have you noticed!

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Love is the solution! Heat melt ice

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                    Three important words to true happiness:  Thank you, I´m sorry, I love U

Science and Spirituality  in time of crisis

I am thankful to share to the World this important value as the right of being a spirit. There are so many good things that can help us in this time. The most important our Heart. We know what is right due to the fact that we have conciousness. I share some of the things I came across not because its better or the only thing as a way of building the new World sharing what is good.

I use many things being open, this is one, around a million people use it. Perhaps you can find it in your surroundings. Press here for more info.

Old Souls, do you believe. Today there is so much knowledge, yet less understanding. Time to wake up sister, brother are you ready to just being. Press here

Matrix or not matrix that is the question of being fast asleep or awake, press here

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