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Hello and welcome!  I´m Hannika Maria Christina Oberg at your service. Thank you for visiting!

As a Social entrepreneur; My dream is to Make People feel Happier, more Secure and Live & Create their LifeStyle. To help you with my ability in terms of experience, knowledge and support so you can live your LifeStyle that gives you a Life of Freedom of fear, insecurity and let you BLOOM.

I Live with my Team of Eagles and show you smart solutions and really good opportunities both in terms of how to create motor for passive income as well of how to get more light in your inner life.  You can get to know me better by Buying my books below, I have walked the Path and can therefor help you. You can get closer and Join our Social Plattform Kul&Reko if you want to know more before you decide to fully Join Our movement towards Success and Security right away.  Perhaps you are already set for Taking your most Serious action and Jump on the fastest train I have seen for becoming economical independent. Press here to subscribe!

If what I can offer is not what you search for I wish you all the best and again thank you for visiting!

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Listen or Buy our Music on Spotify. Songs for Peace together with Non Profitable organisation Bbeabridge and Kul&Reko and members around the Globe who Believe in Unity and True Brother and sisterhood. Press here

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Life is too short not to try to do your best. As a founder of Bbeabridge and the Social Plattform Kul&Reko, I have seen possibilities beyond imagination. Like with this album, we have created this song with this lady 109 years old. Yes you heard right. Dagny Carlsson is ambassador for our N.P.O since 2015. She still participate for the Sake of GOOD. An excellent example.

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