Spanish is HOT right now!


Spanish for Fun

At the moment it´s focus on Swedish Spanish but soon we will have english as well

Now is the time to update you a bit in what happens in our platform. As you already know, we have a member platform where we constantly seek benefits for members of our non-profit organizations and companies we work with. Now we have started up a fun way to learn Spanish. We have created a web so that you can find good links to different ways of practicing Spanish in a more fun way, but also some lessons that we have recorded, they are called flipped lessons. In addition, we have now started to work with Spain and many Spanish-speaking members who all agree that it is a good idea to create a member platform where you can find a partner in the language you just learn and exchange language development over the phone, or video Call. Today we have a member page called where you can post your profile and write the languages ​​you speak. We will step by step develop the page. It is free, it is meant as a bridge where students who study Spanish can find Spanish-speaking people who want to practice Swedish or English. You give and take. Be seen and See. We are some members who have started to enter, you are welcome too. Please visit our website and we also have a sister project that includes you who want to get the Spanish started by having fun. We therefore combine excursions and culture, sometimes even exercise as our trips to Santiago, for example, you can read more by pressing HERE