Hi my name is Hannika 


Hi My name is Hannika Maria Christina Öberg. I have three children and a dog called Stina. I live in Sweden and Spain and live a cool life where health, growing and making a difference are important parts of my everyday life. I write books and help where I can help.

I have an incredible need to be free and live my wonderful life. That means I'm trying to fill my 24 hours of life quality. One of those things is just growth. I am a coach and share with me what I have learned on my journey on earth and share my great secrets to happiness and success.

The company I chose to lean my back on gives me the opportunity for the first time in my life to lean back and breathe out. It is based on values and genuinely sincere desire from a large group of people to provide the economic and functional opportunity for more and more around the world.


Every day of my life starts with gratitude. To draw a deep breath and realize I'm healthy one more day. Then it's time to enjoy the day. 

Life is beutiful! 

Your Dream is to important! Don´t give up!

You are welcome to listen to me personally so we can go through a coaching together where you can first understand what methods are working in modern times and get an understanding of how we work best, I also share IT tools for that we should have a knowledge and updated skills when we finish the course. Because I do this with DeVi Coaching in order for as many people as possible to have a better chance of having a good life and working in this different future we have in front of us, the courses are very good at a price. 

You also get possible ways to join us socially as a member or take part in mastermind groups and the like. Write to info@bbeabridge.one .

You can also become a member of our non-profit associations and share if you wish!

More info www.cooloreko.com Thank you for taking the time to read all this. Please Hannika