2020 UptoDate!


Hi nice friends and acquaintances, now it's been a while since last time. Much has happened both in our lives and in society. Personally, I have been affected and my father was one of the 4000 elderly people who got infected with the Corona virus. No comments, you all understand how difficult it can feel. The possibilities and seriousness of the time really make themselves felt. As Coach, Carrier of light and spiritual values, together with my skills as a teacher and Coach, I have now actively started to act so that more people can receive knowledge and support in the best way. We have therefore invested in a common platform that we simply call Kuloreko.org, where we have our vision and mission in text and image. Feel free to go in and look around. There may be interest in something we offer or you may want to work or be more active in our community. Now we have started to flag more for our DeVi Coaches as we understand that more people are looking for alternative ways as many jobs fall and the world will look in a different way where passive income will become more and more relevant. We welcome you as a member of our community if you are not already a member, you may want to be an ambassador, leader or member. It all starts with a step from you. Therefore, please book a free moment with one of us here