What is included in DeVi Coaching;
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Amygdala and Hippocampus
Have you agreed that your reasonable decision completely ran into the sand because of emotions that simply kidnapped the logical thinking? That feelings have a guard called Amygdala and are much faster than our logic. This makes the body use Amygdala to assess if what's happening is good or bad for us. It reacts flash-fast. Logic is one of the slowest and takes the time to weigh for and against and see if an action is good or not. It can be very frustrating to want to change but be stopped by yourself again and again. Everything you've planned is wiped out for the body to signal danger and you're back on Box One.
We quickly introduce kinesiology and do some practical exercises that can have a lifelong positive effect on our course participants.
We will leave a book and refer to specialists in the area.
IT Update
Google Drive, Meet, Classroom, etc
We check and update everyone practical and firm in meeting each other and the future with modern ways of communicating. We also provide a series of short intro movies that anyone can watch at a later date.
Updated information about today's wisest action in the 4th e Industrial Revolution;
Work; Personal Branding, Page Income, Network, MLM
Social; Teamwork and groupings where groups "swim in the same school"
Universal laws; Economic systems
Abolish Jante, does not work with Personal Branding
Personal development
We get to know Napoleon Hill and some of his methods
We do Goals and Planning
We are talking about MasterMind. What it is and how we can move on
Personal Branding, we highlight and offer practical help.
Freelance or enterprise, how and why
International Stable Companies;
Side Income and passive income
The importance of choosing the right one
Many small incomes
Non-profit organizations
Choose the right group  Why and why not.
DeVi Coaching
We raise current topics
We refer to authors, books and practical ways each can use to continue to grow.
We are launching a networking system and provide us with an opportunity free of charge to join us and work passively or actively in our nonprofit organizations and umbrella like plattforms.
You will be able to join us in upcoming events, mastermind groups, as a future DeVi Coach or to promote a LifeStyle, to pursue other courses we have in Holistic Success and Health or other courses we arrange for our members in Kul&Reko where a network of likeminded others are united as well as NOG, Enterprises and Event and work.
We build bridges for social skills and greater understanding of the New Age we are in. The 4th Industrial Revolution we lift the topic and see how this will affect us and those around us.
If you chose to come with as and develop skills to be a coach yourself you will get your diploma after the course and will have better opportunities as support and be able to take part in upstarting mastermind groups and support to brand yourself and much more. Welcome in!