Me and my people

Languages is sometimes a barrier. 

Often we need a friend a person to trust when we are in a new enviroment. With 24 years of experience living in Spain, as an entrepeneur and language techer.  Using business mind, using mastermind as a tool in personal training. Skilled on Multi level marketing. I´m today offering my experience to you.

As a founder to an O.N.G. Bbeabridge here to offer and demand on behalf of the many youth suffering in lack of faith a better World by you and me connecting and communicating better.

I use culture bridges, practical platforms helping creative artists. I always look for better and brighter tomorrow.  I use my contacts to connect you with the ones who can help you. I translate or support you until you are in safe harbour.

Wealth, health, innovative ways of working, culture and language. Connecting through language and social bridges. These are some of the tools I use to help you wheather you are an artist, looking for something in Spain, Sweden or England. Perhaps you need a friend who can help you out.  Feel free! Your wish is my command. As long as you are honest, and not harming others I will be delighted to help you. Kindly Hannika Oberg

My players around the World is a everyday bigger group of people who believe in union, harmony and peace as a birthright. By using the lincs you come to their homepage or blogs where you can connecting with them.

Miguel Arnau Catalan Artist press here his webb here

Lidia Fané Catalan Artist who painted her out of squitzofrenia press here

 Catalonia Spain Artists and musician.  Catalunya, Spain  Adriana Alves. Film, production 

Chill out musician  Pep Lladó    Catalan painter Jordi Santamaria  

Lluis Buixeda renting out  Old fashion Cars Catalunya with driver.

Stockholm, Sweden   Erik Toro  Drug Prevention (Sweden)  Mariaoriental  (Sweden) Susanne Toxiologist specialist in water

London, England   Pals Catalonia History lovers from Catalunya, here film about Colon.

Girona Retro Fashion and boarding   Dance life...AfroYin     Make your own drums, African dance

Meet my special places for special treatment, music studio and food lovers.

Spain De Emporda(Catalunya)   Macrobiotic food, Cook in Catalunia teaches how to cook healthier

Argila bath Special places in Catalonia

Girona Spain Studio in Catalunya for recording and boarding

Spain. Dance as a way to Happy Me

All the people and places I recomend here have the little extra. Apart from being proffesionals they are good people as well. That´s why I recomend them to you.

My family and friends. Nuri, Montse and Juliett