Tell us Why!

Technology is getting more and more powerful, while the level of consciousness is far behind. If we don´t advance consciousness faster than we advance technology we are DONE! I don´t know if I can say this strongly enough/ Tom Chi

So what is the Story behind, We are One?

Do you want to be part of our community of like-minded brothers and sisters with some things in Common?  To Claim the right to live in Peace and Harmony, to wake up and work together to wake up our fellow man and woman. 

To leave this World better when it is time to leave? Welcome to form part as a member in Klubb Vida Sana or Bbeabridge. Sign in your name and write membership Klubb Vida Sana and we will send you the information how to contact with us! 


When you think about how much time things will take just have a quick look at how fast the Revolution really goes Press here