es-How to reach the higest Mountain!


I am a Visionary Dreamer who finally reached my realm and realized that there were so many tops to reach. I will, therefore, share some tips with you that I use and used. I will share my most valuable stories on this blog with my hope that someone out there perhaps gets some shortcuts, inspiration and courage. Life is not always easy but it is definitely worth living.

My absolutely Nr One Hero in Personal Growth

Let me introduce you to Mr Hill in person. It would be stupid to try to relate to his merits 

Not because he isn´t worth it nor because of lack of merits as of the reason that time is short. Please meet Mr Hill HERE and hear his message to the World.

Take a step Closer to your Dream NOW!

Noone knows your Dream better than yourself!

Have you ever thought about the difference between your dream and Goal? There is a great difference!

Paint and work on your Dream! Take your time!

Nothing will happen to your dream unless you put a date on them! 

Once you have a date on your dream, you have a GOAL.

Set a true picture of where you are now. Set a plan between now and your Goal. Keep to your plan! Noone else cares! (If they care it is a part of your dream). You have to keep your mindset clear and with burning desire keep your word to your self.