es-August 2018 News from Summer


Hi very welcome again to my personal blog, for friends, members and colleages in doing the same as me looking for a brighter future by breaking all old paradigms to adapt to this new time and skills required for this time!

So friends I´m so thrilled to tell you that I have now taken an important step to be able to do more for more people ready to learn how to fly higher and look for more quality in this time. 

Let me tell you about our September Special

Klubb Vida Sana this N.O.G has taken a firm step in the Swedish society now joining an organisation called ABF, a organisation starting up in 1920 more or less by the democrats in Sweden who thought education should be considered a very important thing to true equal rights to human beings. Since then they have supported Non profitable organisations to help them with a place to study around the whole country and also to communicate and share to others the information about the different organisations. From September we will have their support and we will have a place to meet in physical form as well as on digital plattforms. So you are all welcome to come to listen and meet us in Sveavägen 41 Stockholm Center at 18 00-20 00 on Thursday evenings to break our old Paradigms and grow together into a Paradigm better fit to this Century where we rise spirit, embrace holistic thinking and land in Modern economy, togheter but since we use mastermind principle we also have each one a personal goal setting and we work with modern technology. We are so thrilled and thankful.  We will further more even meet Dr Jorge Garcia Santos at monday evenings where we will bring all our questions and get closer to the Holistic Happyness. 

Starting up the Movement KaRe Warriors back Now. 

This came to some of us this summer when we got together some of us in our community and started to se that it is really important we learn to work in Team for future and how will we do it if we dont start so to say.  So inspiration took over and we understood the importance to meet up with a group of people who are working in possitive projects for mankind and a sustainable future and sharing an hour every month to bring a project together where we all take part and come in with our conciousness and practical issues and goods. 

We have started to talking to people we believe could be one of these warriors with this ethical code in heart who are waiting for this project. We believe all these 21 people will come forth as we continue as long as we open this information briefly and due to the right heart core the right one will seek us for more info. So in September we welcome all KaRe warriors with the feeling in their beeings that they didnt get here by chance ´, they know they have a mission to "be in the project" to contact us and start to give us an official presentation. You can write us or record what you think brought you here and what you believe you can add on the next coming 5 years in this project to rise the spirit, embrace holistic understanding and land in Modern economy. We know all warriors are serious people and can therefor commit to the group to be with us one hour every month for the next 5 years. There are lots of questions that we leave for the moment we meet. We believe we will meet for the first time around 25-27th September 2018, online or in Muel, Zaragoza Spain. Before that we have to hand in each one on a common plattform the information about us, and also send issues if there is special things we want to talk about.  The first meeting; will be setting up the roles and road map for the next upcoming 6 month. So we shall talk about this, what are the actions we shall support and how can we improve and with what so to say.  So this is a very exiting things we have coming up dearest friends. So if you are one of these 21 warriors dont hesitate to tell us before September 2018

Exciting issues for members in Klubb Vida Sana and Bbeabridge

We have started a Facebook page called MultiMember; this is meant to be for members to see about what you get as a member. Take a look and you shall see!!!
Reko Retreat is an idea of letting members come and stay in our homes in Spain and Sweden for a price of only 20e Have a look at Facebook; Reko Retreat!
Book courses with a discount on 30% for members;  Spanish studies, mastermind courses, DeVi coaching, IT coaching etc. 
To become members for people living in Sweden it can´t be easier! Swich 100kr to  1234400131 and write your email. We will then invite you to our member pages. 
So what do you think! It has been an exciting summer for us! Oups! I almost forgot!    From september we S.E.N Start (Facebook side) will start up this Live Event every week where we will tell people how to grow economy in this new style called SideIncome! Welcome! You can press here to see more!