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A Video presentation from me, talking about the paradigm shift, to you.  Press Here

Bilder ger dina blogginlägg en extra touch som lockar besökare att läsa dem. Den första bilden i blogginlägget visas automatiskt som miniatyr för blogginlägget. Därför kan rätt vald bild öka intresset för din artikel.

Hola buenos amigos y conocidos, ahora ha pasado un tiempo desde la última vez. Mucho ha sucedido tanto en nuestras vidas como en la sociedad. Personalmente, me he visto afectado y mi padre fue una de las 4000 personas mayores que se infectaron con el virus Corona. Sin comentarios, todos entienden lo difícil que puede ser. Las posibilidades y...

2020 This is our Year!

Dont miss us during these new coming two years. This is our Expansion Year so have a look and Join us when you can and if you want. First we present our new Partner KuliosaKuriosaEvent se more Here. Another news is our RekoRetreat in Mallorca that is a collaboration with Hollywood Star Therése Neaimé and we all. Have a look Here  Another News is our New location where we have open doors for you and your friends who want to Join us or come and network, have some "fika" and fun we always learn some about future and tools working in our today. Welcome to Junkergatan 1 downstairs in Örnsberg Stockholm on wednesdays at 18;00-20;00. Welcome!

Its a good way to meet us and learn more about our program for Future Event and Coaching. 

Hi very welcome again to my personal blog, for friends, members and colleages in doing the same as me looking for a brighter future by breaking all old paradigms to adapt to this new time and skills required for this time!

The book is about a Country like Sweden. Growing and expanding in technology but the consciousness is not growing at the same speed. This is an alarming situation. The time is speeding up and what will happen is up to U!

To start I would like to thank you for entering my blog; Thank you! The reason I started this blog is that there are too many questions and too little time to answer. I thought it could be good to talk about different topics in different areas. Below are me and my colleagues in Sweden who shares the same vision...

I am a Visionary Dreamer who finally reached my realm and realized that there were so many tops to reach. I will, therefore, share some tips with you that I use and used. I will share my most valuable stories on this blog with my hope that someone out there perhaps gets some shortcuts, inspiration and courage. Life is not...